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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

TNT pimento cheese

Pimento cheese sandwiches brings to my child hood memories in the 60's the picture of my mother grating cheddar cheese, dicing the delicate small jar of sliced pimentos, her miracle whip, a dash of salt, pepper and the secret ingredient a pinch of sugar. The outcome was a delicately portioned out tasty treasure that had taken her quite a bit of effort to make.  All other pimento cheese recipes just did not do it for me. Store bought in the glass jars was horrible. So a few moments in time later, I craved my mothers heaven blest concoction. 

I changed and adapted with the times. No more miracle whip! Helmans is the best and used liberally.
No more grating! Buy the cheddar or combo finely pre-grated cheese to your taste. I love either Sharp or the Mexican cheese combo. Life is even easier with diced pimentos in the jar. 

I would love to be able to tell you exactly what the proportions are, but it is more done by sight. When using large amounts of cheese like I have done(5 lbs cheese ), use a large or even two small drained jars of chopped pimentos. Always drain. And the question you ask yourself, how much do I like pimentos? Mayo amounts are added so it is not a dry combination, so in a large batch it could be a whole jar of mayo. Add it in chunks so as not to over mayo-nize it!

Salt minimally, dash of pepper still to your liking. And always a pinch of sugar. The pinch should be according to the batch size. 

I have added Dill Weed at times. Some like tobacco. I like it most as a purist. If any questions. Ask away! But most of all...enjoy!

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